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How Much Will a Ductless Air Conditioner Cost?

Ductless Air Conditioner Prices Twin Cities As ductless AC and heat pump technology has become more popular, you may know someone who has installed one of these efficient systems for their home or business. If you have a home that uses hot water heating and are tired of dealing with noisy, ugly window AC units, you may be thinking about a duct-free air conditioner or heat pump. You’ve seen ads, read about ductless HVAC systems or looked them up on the internet. The one question everyone asks us when calling our top-rated Minneapolis heating and air conditioning company, though, is “How much will this cost?” That’s only natural, since the cost of any investment for your home is always an important issue.

  • Is ductless air conditioning equipment a cost-effective choice?
  • What factors go into the total cost of the purchase?
  • How reliable are these products?

Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Minneapolis St Paul As we tell everyone who calls us, there’s no simple answer. The total cost of a ductless air conditioner and heat pump depends on many factors. What we always recommend is a free, no-obligation consultation at your home or commercial property. We’ll evaluate your property, its size, how well insulated it is and ask you what goals you have for your residential or commercial cooling requirements. Then, we can show you a range of options, including cooling capacity, efficiency rating, installation, and more. We’ll give you accurate price figures for the equipment purchase and all installation costs for a variety of choices. We’ll also tell you how much you can save on monthly energy bills with more efficient cooling and help you calculate your cost per year over the long lifetime of your new system.

Then, we’ll let you make the decision that’s best for you and your budget. Financing is available, of course. Ask yourself how much your comfort is worth, and how much value you can add to your home with a brand new, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system. We won’t pressure you in any way. Our goal is simply to help you with information and answers to your questions. Some of the factors include:

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Any time you’re considering investing in heating and cooling equipment for your home or business, you have to rely on advice from dealers and do your own research. As a leading residential and commercial HVAC dealer, serving the Twin Cities metro area since 1991, we understand the complexity of these decisions. On our website and in our free consultations with you, our priority is to give you accurate, objective information on equipment and price. Unlike some companies that use high-pressure sales pitches, we believe that our valued customers just need honesty and accurate information. We want our customers to be completely satisfied, so we leave the final decisions up to them. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll give you the facts, competitive price quotes, and our recommendations. You’re the boss. You decide.