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Ductless Air Conditioners Twin Cities For thousands of Twin Cities area homeowners and property owners, Minnesota’s humid, hot summer weather causes discomfort. In homes with central heating furnaces and ductwork, a central AC unit outside that removes heat from the home and uses the air ducts to circulate cool air throughout solves the problem. For homes without air ducts and in many commercial buildings, though, central AC isn’t an option or costs far too much to install as a retrofit. Window air conditioners can help, but are noisy, unattractive, and very inefficient. At Twin Cities Comfort, a leader in residential and commercial HVAC sales and installation for the entire Minneapolis St. Paul area, we’re excited about this new way to bring more comfort into homes and businesses. Ductless mini-split air conditioning technology is relatively new in this country. It is rapidly becoming popular as an effective, affordable solution for homes and other buildings that can’t use traditional central air conditioners.

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  • Can a mini-split unit heat and cool multiple rooms?

Duct-free cooling lets a wide variety of property owners benefit from this quiet, efficient breakthrough. As soon as this technology became available, we began installing ductless AC for our customers, revolutionizing their summer cooling requirements and relieving the discomfort of summer living.

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As a leader in residential and commercial heating and cooling, Twin Cities Comfort was quick to recognize the value and importance of ductless HVAC technology. We began installing these mini-split units for Minneapolis St. Paul area homes and businesses early. Today, ductless technology is becoming a major part of our heating and air conditioning business. We’ve researched all manufacturers and models and often recommend top-quality, affordable Daikin products for our customers. They’re reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and have some of the best warranty protection available from any manufacturer. We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation at your location. Let us show you systems from Daikin that will provide outstanding comfort for any situation. We’ll also give you highly competitive price quotes for your equipment and installation. Count on us, too, for fast, professional maintenance and repair service.